Wade Watts – Vormir EP Chapter 1 [EP]

Wade Watts – Vormir EP Chapter 1 [EP DOWNLOAD]

The production of the EP came with Wade Watts’ obsession for space, dark arts, time, solitude and his newfound love for deep dub techno sounds. This LP is all about letting his fans into his world where everything is dark/immortal and not bound by time. He believes time is the real enemy of us all because it kills everything.

Track list

  1. Wade Watts – Coming Of Race (Intro Mix)
  2. Wade Watts, Prince Ivyson – Atomic Monodes (Original Mix)
  3. Wade Watts – Namek (Original Mix)
  4. Wade Watts – Supernatural Dub Bastard (Original Mix)
  5. Wade Watts – Vormir (Original Mix)
  6. Wade Watts – Oubliette (Original Mix)
  7. Wade Watts – Time (Original Mix)


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